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Disclosure will only share your personal information with your express permission, or under the following conditions:

  • With firms or organisations that has signed confidentiality agreements with, or in adherence with court orders or any other legally binding requests or requirements.
  • If runs advertisements targeted at you based on demographics gleaned from your personal details.
  • If is the subject of a merger or acquisition, in which case you will be notified that your personal information may fall under a new privacy policy.

Confidentiality takes confidentiality very seriously and safeguards your information by following the protocols highlighted below:

  • follows all of the necessary industry rules and regulations required to keep your personal information safe and secure around the clock, including only being accessible via username and password.
  • Your personal information will only be shared with employees on a strictly ‘need to know basis’ and provided their jobs directly involve servicing you.

Privacy Policy Changes

  • If any changes are made to the Privacy Policy, you will either be notified by email or via notices displayed prominently on the website.


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  • The OnlineSlots Plus Casino Complaints Committee acts solely as a 100% free-of-charge mediator between you and an online casino, not as a standalone giver-of- advice nor a problem solver.
  • The aim of the OnlineSlots Plus Casino Complaints Committee is to help resolve any and all complaints and disputes as quickly, efficiently and painlessly as possible by establishing and maintaining fair, open and honest lines of communication between all of the concerned parties.