Game Information

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Spin the most popular wheel in game reveal history!

Wheel of Fortune® Hollywood is the 5-reel multicoin game that lets you earn the opportunity to spin the Bonus Wheel and collect all the riches of Hollywood! Accumulate a large jackpot, then attempt to prevent the bankrupt piece when you spin the Bonus Wheel to gather. Take a chance and keep spinning to make a fortune in the bonus round!

Ways to Play

Wheel of Fortune Hollywood has 5 paylines. You can bet 1-9 credits on each payline.

Click the 1 Per Line button to wager 1 credit on all 5 paylines.

Click the 2 Per Line button to wager 2 credits on all 5 paylines.

Click the 3 Per Line button to wager 3 credits on all 5 paylines.

Click the 5 Per Line button to wager 5 credits on all 5 paylines.

Click the 7 Per Line button to wager 7 credits on all 5 paylines.

Click the Bet Max button to bet the optimum, which is 9 credits on each payline. If you have fewer than 45 credits, Bet Max will bet all of your continuing to be credits.

Click the Play button to spin the reels.

If you do not wish to bank on all 5 paylines, you can click the coloured button to the left of the payline on which you wish to bet. You can adjust your bet on any of the paylines by continuing

Bonus Jackpot

In the upper left corner of the play-field, there are three Bonus Jackpot Accumulators, each displaying a Bonus Jackpot award amount. Each time a Bonus Jackpot Symbol appears anywhere on the reels, the variety of credits displayed on the sign are contributed to the Bonus Jackpot Accumulator of the same colour as the sign. The Bonus Jackpot awards can only be won in the Wheel Bonus

The credit value of each Bonus Jackpot Symbol is based on your overall bet. The yellow and orange Bonus Jackpot Symbols include the same number of credits as your total bet. The red Bonus Jackpot Symbol includes twice as numerous credits as your overall bet.

When you make the Wheel Bonus, you will have the ability to spin the wheel for a chance to win among the accumulated Bonus Jackpot awards. The Bonus Wheel has a colour coded Jackpot piece for each Bonus Jackpot.

When you go back to the 5-reel game after playing the Wheel Bonus, all of your Bonus Jackpot Accumulators are reset. The Bonus Jackpot Accumulators reset whether or not you won a Jackpot Accumulator award throughout the Wheel Bonus. The Bonus Jackpot reset values are based on the number of credits you bank on the payline that got you into the Wheel Bonus.

The very first time you play Wheel of Fortune, the yellow, orange, and red Jackpot Accumulators will be set to 50, 75 and 100, respectively. If the payline that initially triggers the Wheel Bonus has more than 1 credit bet on it, extra credits will be contributed to the Jackpot Accumulator. This one-time increase fixes the initial reset amount to be commensurate with your bonus-winning wager.

Wheel Bonus.

Earn the Wheel Bonus by getting the Bonus sign on reels 1, 2, and 3 on a wagered payline. After you reach the Wheel Bonus, click the Spin button to spin the wheel and earn a bonus award. After your spin, 4 pieces (including your last winning slice) are replaced with a Bankrupt piece. Then you have a choice: take your win, or spin again for a chance to win more. If you click the Take Win button, you are taken back to the primary game.

By clicking Spin Again, you get an opportunity to add to your bonus payouts by landing on another Award or Jackpot piece. On the other hand, if you arrive at a Bankrupt slice, you lose your bonus earnings. Landing on a Bankrupt piece will end your bonus round, however you won’t go away empty handed; you earn an alleviation award that you can optionally parlay on the Double or Nothing Wheel

Keep in mind that the Wheel Bonus has a completely fair wheel. There are 72 pegs on the Wheel, and you have a 1 in 72 chance of landing in between any 2 pegs with every spin of the wheel.

Double or Nothing Wheel.

If you land on a Bankrupt piece in the Wheel Bonus, you make an alleviation award and are required to the Double or Nothing Wheel. You can choose to take your alleviation award or choose to risk it and spin the Double or Nothing wheel. If you spin the wheel and land on a Double piece, your alleviation award is doubled. If you spin the wheel and land on a Bankrupt piece, you lose all of your jackpots, and you are taken back to the main game without winning any bonus award.

You may continue to play Double or Nothing till you click Take Win, till you lose by landing on Bankrupt, or until you reach the maximum variety of Double or Nothing spins, which is 5.

The Double or Nothing Wheel is a completely fair wheel – you have a 50:50 opportunity of landing on either a Double or Bankrupt piece with every spin.


1. Breakdown gaps all pays and play.

2. All line pay symbols have to appear on a played line and on successive reels, beginning with the far left reel.

3. All payline wins happen on bet lines only.

4. Only greatest winner paid on each payline.

5. Just one award paid per payline.

6. Line wins are increased by the total number of credits bank on the winning line.

7. Corresponding wins on various paylines are added.

8. Awards are shown in credits.

The theoretical average go back to gamer (RTP) is 96 %. This RTP represents the long-lasting anticipated payback of the video game which has actually been calculated by an independent screening business.