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In a desperate objective to stop the Romulan ship, Narada, from destroying Earth, the Enterprise follows the Narada and hides undetected in Titan’s magnetic field. Spock and Kirk privately beam aboard the Narada to recuperate the red matter, a black hole creation device. As prepared, Spock finds the red matter inside the Jellyfish, a recorded Vulcan ship..

Spock commandeers the Jellyfish and blasts into warp with the Narada in hot pursuit. The ships leave of warp, and the Jellyfish counts on hit the Narada. The Narada fires rockets at Spock, despite the fact that the Jellyfish still has the red matter aboard. The Enterprise arrives all of a sudden and ruins the Romulan missiles in flight, enabling Spock to escape unharmed..

Scotty beams Kirk and Spock back to the Enterprise, right prior to the Jellyfish hits the Narada and explodes. The explosion of the Jellyfish releases the whole stockpile of red matter, producing a great void that swallows the Narada..

The gravitational pull of the great void pulls on the Enterprise, keeping it from escaping, even with its engines at warp speed. The pressure heavily damages the ship as Kirk orders Scotty to get them from there at all expenses. Scotty ejects the warp core and detonates it near the black hole, pressing the Enterprise to safety.


The best ways to Play

Example of a MultiWay Xtra ™ payment:.

This following diagram reveals a sample reel outcome, focusing just on the Spock symbol. Due to the fact that there is at least one Spock symbol in each of the very first 4 columns, the player has actually won the 4 Spock MultiWay Xtra ™ award which pays 50 coins per way. To identify the payout for this combination, count the number of Spock symbols in each column. For example, the 2nd column has 2 Wild signs in it, and the 3rd column has 3 Wild signs in it. In both cases, Wild symbols alternative to the Spock sign. Next, increase those counts together to acquire the variety of winning methods. In this example, that would be 1 x 2 x 3 x 1 = 6 winning ways. Lastly, increase the number of winning ways times the payment for the 4 Spock MultiWay Xtra ™ award. In this example, that would be 6 x 50 = 300 coins won. The actual quantity won in currency would be based on the coin value..

Payout example: 1 x 2 x 3 x 1 Spocks ? 6 winning methods:

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Wild Spock Spock Wild Wild Wild Wild. Because

noticeable on the reels. When the Feature triggers, the Transporter Cursor appears and arbitrarily turns 2 or more reel signs Wild on the three middle reels, as much as an optimum of 5 added

Wild signs

. Wins paid based on the last reel state just. Business Defender Bonus. Prepared to safeguard the Enterprise and achieve the rank of Captain?. Trigger the Enterprise Defender Bonus by getting five Bonus symbols anywhere on the reels. Press START BATTLE and protect the Enterprise versus inbound Romulan missiles for 45 seconds. Use the cursor to intend the Enterprise weapon which fires immediately. Incoming Romulan rockets may divide into a variety of

Romulan bomblets. Rockets and bomblets damage the Enterprise shields and suspend the Enterprise weapon fire for a little while. If guards are minimized to absolutely no, the shooting ends early. Make points by ruining rockets and bomblets. Item Points Romulan missile 500 Romulan bomblet 100. Product Points. Romulan rocket 500. Romulan bomblet 100. Rank Score Needed Captain 14,000+ Commander 12,000+ Lieutenant 0+. Based on made rank, spin a random wheel for that rank. There are nine wheels total, three wheels per rank. Higher ranked wheels have higher leading awards, but every wheel has the same average repayment. Press SKIP TO WHEEL to skip the battle and spin a random wheel. Earn one spin of the chosen

the video game pays right to left in addition to delegated right, a reel outcome with Spock symbols in
the last 4 columns would pay in a comparable method to the above example. Energizing Wilds Feature. The Energizing Wilds
Feature might set off randomly after any reel spin, other than when a Scatter award is won, the Enterprise Defender Bonus is set off, or one or more Wild signs are
wheel. If the first spin lands on a value, this becomes the last award.
If the first spin lands on an unique function slice, a 2nd spin is granted. Rank Wheel Description Captain Wheel slices can award a second spin with 2 wheel pointers, two 2X wheel pointers, or 2 3X wheel pointers.Captain Wheel values are arbitrarily improved by 7X, 10X, or 15X before the spin.Captain Wheel slices can award a second spin with
two, three, or 4 wheel tips. On the second spin, gather one to nine shields for a special shield award in addition to


other awards suggested by a pointer.Commander Wheel slices can award a 2nd spin with two, three, or 6 wheel pointers.Commander Wheel values are arbitrarily boosted by 5X, 7X, or 10X before the spin.Commander Land on a shield slice to gather the number of shields on the piece and spin a second time. Win an unique shield award based upon the number of shields collected(as much as eight guards )across both spins. This guard award is paid in addition to any awards suggested by a wheel pointer.Lieutenant Wheel


can award a 2nd spin with two
, 3, or 4 wheel pointers.Lieutenant Wheel values are randomly improved by +1000, +2500, or +5000 prior to the spin.Lieutenant Land on a shield slice to collect the number of shields on the piece and spin a second time. Win an unique guard award based on the variety of
guards gathered(up to 6 guards )throughout both spins. This shield award is paid in addition to any awards indicated by a wheel pointer. All awards in the Bonus increased by the Bonus triggering coin value. Options.
Graphics Quality. Adjust the quality of the graphics to obtain the optimal animation performance.
. • BEST mode-Graphics look best, but performance may suffer. • HIGH mode( default )-Optimal
graphics and performance setting. • MEDIUM mode-Lower quality but enhanced efficiency. • LOW mode-Degraded graphics, but best animation performance is accomplished even on slower computer systems. Guidelines and Additional Information. Misuse and malfunction voids all pays and plays.
. MultiWayXtra ™ awards pay for the exact same sign in any position in adjacent columns.
. Exact same sign in very same column multiplies award. MultiWay Xtra ™ awards pay left to ideal and ideal to left.
. Only the highest paying MultiWay Xtra ™ award for each symbol is paid per spin. MultiWay Xtra ™ awards are increased by the coin value. Wild sign just appears on reels 2, 3, and 4. Just the highest scatter pay award is paid. Scatter pays are increased by the total bet. Scatter awards are independent from MultiWay Xtra

awards and are also contributed to the overall amount paid..

Awards are revealed

in currency

. Despite the bet size, there is an award cap on any single transaction. See the paytable for information. A deal consists of the outcomes of the Bonus plus the outcome which introduced the Bonus. No Federation vessels were handicapped or damaged in the making of this video game. All hallmarks are signed up hallmarks or pending hallmarks of IGT and/or its licensors in the United States and/or other countries. © 2012 IGT. All rights booked. TM CBS Studios Inc. © 2012 Paramount Picture Corporation. STAR TREK and all related marks and logo designs are marks of CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved

. The theoretical average return to gamer (RTP )is 92.51-

95 %. This RTP represents the long-term expected payback of the video game which has been computed by an independent testing company..

Malfunction Voids all Pays & Plays.